Hey Millennial Mom, I did it too. 6

Millennial Moms are rocking Motherhood. This statement flashed past my screen today as my Son and I were researching his school project about generations. It reminded me of a piece I wrote a long time ago for a site that is no longer. Anyhow, the statement sparked my curiosity, again. […]



Little Glass Houses For You And Me 5

Broken. Bruised. Victim. Warrior. Survivor. Addict. Recovery. Mom. Asshole. ME. Labels. It’s what we do as humans. We label, we place all the gooey, messy, uncomfortable shit we can’t understand, into protected crates. Boxing up what appears slovenly and difficult to comprehend. We are good at too. It doesn’t take […]

Give a Blogger a Break. 20

I’m a tiny blog in a sea of words floating aimlessly in the vast and open waters of the internet. I question the validity of my thoughts daily. Why should anyone read my blog, who am I? What is it that I can contribute to an already saturated web of […]

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How NOT to take a Compliment. 8

How NOT to take a compliment If I’ve learned anything in the forty-three years I’ve graced this planet with my ridiculously charming uniqueness; it’s that I’m terrible at some basic life skills. For example, I have not yet mastered the art of walking, running or travelling by foot. But because […]

Don’t Call Me Brave 2

I have written some raw and honest posts which are sad tales of my past. Struggles I have had or am still enduring. One of the greatest feelings I get after writing one of these pieces is a sense of release. A cleansing of the palate, freedom from the torture […]



My eating disorder is a mind-altering hell. 11

For the first time in three years, since having surgery on my knee, I have started to workout again. I have run for some time, but recently introduced weights and clean eating. It’s been just over a month, and I’ve only lost five pounds. The rational part of my brain […]