Please Don’t Rape My Daughter ~ New World Mom

She dances with freedom in her step, smiles politely at all times, and those eyes, they hold innocence in an uncorrupted form. She is my thirteen-year-old daughter, and she is like no other soul that inhabits this earth. Her heart can induce a flower’s bloom as she wistfully passes it […]



F*ck The Bro-Code, It’s All About The Girl-Code

Have you ever noticed when a girl is going through a breakup, her real friends stand by her, with a vengeance. It’s true when women decide to take a stand for something they believe in, i.e., someone who has made one of their friends cry, we band together, and something […]

Shedding My Leaves 2

I’m sitting on my front porch watching the green leaves turn a fiery red. If I slow myself down just enough to revel in its beauty. I imagine each leaf giving a heartfelt goodbye to its former life as it falls softly to the ground. I feel the brisk air […]



I am a writer. 4

I am a writer. It has taken me a long time to become comfortable enough to write those words. But the truth is, I write. I write because I have to. There is an immeasurable force that pulls me to the keyboard. I am drawn to it; writing is my […]

How Our Family Handles ASD Meltdowns ~ Charmin Carmen’

  The Toddler Syndrome: 3 ASD Toddler Meltdown Types and how we Handle Them in our Household. Anyone with a toddler understands The Meltdown. What is it with the 2-5 age group and losing their shit all the time? If it isn’t a sock that doesn’t quite fit, or a […]

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