Sometimes I can’t give myself to you, and that’s okay. 12

Sometimes I can’t give myself to you, and that’s okay. Today I watched an incredible TEDtalks. Truth, I watched it over and over and over. It came out of nowhere, a friend shared it on her Facebook profile, and it hit me like a ton of truth-slinging bricks. What’s peculiar, […]



Hashtag Valentine’s Day 4

Right now you are probably thinking, oh great, another wretched Girl-Hates-Valentines-Day post. I wouldn’t do that to y’all. Sort of. It’s not that I hate the day of love, hate is a strong word. I just don’t find much use for it. Besides, my perverted mind takes me down a […]

That heartbreaking moment when your child says “I hate you.” 11

I could feel the sting of her words as soon as they left her lips; they burned a hole in my heart. “I hate you.” She was eight years old, laying on her bed shrieking and sobbing so hard she scarcely caught her breath. I watched her chest sink, then […]


baseball-1091211_1280 (2)

I’m not a girl, I’m a ball player. 5

  It’s February, and I have the itch, it comes every year at this time, something inherent. Instilled in me since I was old enough to pick up a ball and throw it. As the days start to become longer, my heart begins to warm at the thought of standing […]

Am I Failing at Parenting My Hormonal Teen? 10

Within the past year, my thirteen-year-old daughter’s body has changed, rapidly. Hello, hormone, hell. Obviously, this came as no surprise to me. At eleven, (YES ELEVEN), I was cursed with a set of jugs (Although since have been ruined by gravity, and baby mouths of past, engulfing my areola). These […]



Writing is my recovery. 16

TRIGGER WARNING, Abuse, Addiction, Suicide ( Shit, that’s a lot of triggers ). Recently I was accused my writing has become a replacement for my gambling addiction, and not challenged in a way that might seem positive or upbeat. Accused  it consumes me in a dangerous way. Let’s delve shall we, […]