Spring Saturday mornings in my house have always been filled with music. The doors are wide open and fresh air is pouring through the windows. This morning as I was listening to the song Cocoon by Catfish and The Bottlemen and, I thought I’d write to it. I fell straight […]

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By Mike Kalasnik from Fort Mill, USA - Target West Reynolds Road Lexington, KY 3Uploaded by AlbertHerring, CC BY-SA 2.0,

I was sexually assaulted, and it wasn’t in a Target bathroom. 9

Let me start by saying I’m Canadian; we don’t have Target Stores in Canada, but we do have public bathrooms. So my need to weigh in on the transgender bathroom issue scales as heavy as any Americans. We also have similar statistics to the U.S. regarding child molestation and rape. […]

Let’s Stop F*cking Judging People. 14

I rarely go into rant mode, at least not when I am writing. I save my rants for wine-fueled evenings with friends and family. Therefore, I can wake up the next morning, remember the extreme sentiments I shared, and question why I indeed have friends at all. I try my […]


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Gambling is my addiction, I chase the same dragon. 16

The most difficult article I ever wrote concerned my gambling addiction. It took me days to recover from my writing hangover. I spent hours crying and rocking myself in the fetal position after I hit publish. The fear of being judged was overwhelming, but more so, was the terrifying reality […]

If you love me 7

At a young age, I was sold the promise of happily ever after, Walt Disney himself played out wondrous scenarios before my impressionable young eyes. Pledges of a Prince riding through thorn filled thickets, saving me from my little-old-self. Happily ever after the two of us would build a family. […]



Today, I don’t want to write. 3

It’s been days since I have wanted to write, which is strange for me. Ordinarily there is excitement in my fingertips at the thought of putting words into sentences then forming a paragraph, a story. I have written something every day for most of my life, whether it be a […]