Why Your use of the Word Retarded Offends Me.

I sat there numb for several moments when I saw it. A friend, a mere acquaintance really, showed up on my Facebook newsfeed ranting and raving about the recent local election and how if you voted a certain way you were a “retard” and to please delete him as a friend because he doesn’t associate with the “retarded”.



Dear Men, 4

Five thirty am, the sound of my phone alarm buzzes in my ear, without thought, as I do every morning, I reach over to the bedside table click it off and drag myself out of my warm welcoming bed. My room has a chill, the days are becoming cooler, frost […]

I have to write. 6

With pain in my heart and fingers that don’t want to place these words, one after another, not these words, these are the hardest words to write.



Bad Blood

Recently I wrote a piece about soul sisters. I am lucky to have many of these women in my life, but it took some weeding out. It has taken years for me to realize my self-worth or that I deserve friends that will stand beside me not compete against me. […]

Preparing For a Date: After Divorce – vs – In Your Twenties. 16

Getting back into the dating game after a divorce can be a daunting task. Not surprisingly, there isn’t a natural flow to it, especially when you have two children under the age of six. After spending close to ten years in a relationship, and living the life of an SAHM for […]