Mom’s Toy Isn’t For Playing With 9

I’m just going to blurt it out … I have a vibrator ( or 3 ). I don’t think they’re called vibrators, maybe dildo’s, I don’t know. What I do know is one of them has a face on it, creepy right? The reason, (or so I was told) is […]


A local Afghani woman, from the Kuchi Tribe, located in the city of Gardez, Afghanistan, tries to comfort her daughter, as US Army (USA) Major (MAJ) Mary V. Krueger, 321st Civil Affair Battalion, gives the child an examination. MAJ Krueger is assigned to the Surgeon Cell, for the Combined Joint Civil Military Task Force (CJCMOTF), which operate an ambulatory clinic that provides vaccinations, acute and preventive medical care for members of the local Tribes.

Moms We Need To Connect – #1000Speak

One of the purest forms of love is that of Mother and child. A connection so astonishing at times the heart has an ache to it. What is parenting? I believe a gift we are given,  the gorgeous gift of unconditional love. The type of love that looks up at you […]

Bringing Home the Boyfriend: A Single Mom’s How NOT to Guide – Charmin’ Carmen

I make no secret that I’ve been single for over three years, but to be fair I think the definition of ‘single’ is subjective. I’ve dated. I’ve brought men ‘home’. But the idea of introducing someone to my kids as my ‘boyfriend’ has caused panic attacks, night sweats, and the […]


I am not good enough. I’m not a writer. I don’t qualify. 6

I am not good enough. I’m not a writer. I don’t qualify. I hear these words all too often throughout my day. If I am not saying these awful words to myself. Some other beautiful human being that I look up to is. Yes, I look up to you, you […]

Happy Mother’s Day To The Hard Working Single Mom

The Single Mom makes the world go round. I dedicate this Mother’s Day post to single Mom’s Everywhere But most of all to my beautiful friend Carmen. One of my favorite single Mom’s. She is a selfless human being. It may not look like it from the outside, but it […]



The Potty Training Diaries: My Adventure with Autism – Charmin’ Carmen

My neuro-typical daughter Sadie is 13 but I can remember, almost as if it were yesterday, what it was like potty training her. Why? Because I didn’t do it. I’d like to take all the credit (and I have multiple times) but the truth is my daughter was potty training […]