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Tips for Choosing a Timber Supplier

To get the best timber, you’ll need to carefully select a timber supplier. A trustworthy timber supplier will deliver quality timber. There are different timbers and they do not serve the same purpose. It is thus crucial to ensure your timber supplier will supply you with the exact timber you want. Here are some guidelines you should follow to help you select the best timber supplier.

First of all, research the growing area. You need to ask a timber supplier where they source their timber because woods are grown in different regions. Some regions grow quality timber than others and knowing where a supplier gets his/her timber from will give you an idea concerning the type of timber a supplier will supply you with. In addition, you will know if the timber is of the best quality based on the growing area. Moreover, you will learn if the trees are grown in places that take them longer to grow, something that makes timbers very costly.

Secondly, you should determine what you prefer. There are two categories of timber, these are hardwood and softwood. As far as hardwood is concerned, they are of good quality compared to the softwood. Furniture made from hardwood look classier and are more expensive. To determine the kind of timber you want, look at your clients’ preferences. Since the preferences of clients differ a lot, you should choose a supplier who has the widest range of timbers so that you will not be coerced to buy something you do not want. Another thing you should reflect on is the width of timbers. Timber comes in different width and sizes and most people prefer the longer and wider ones. Choosing a supplier with all the sizes will make you get timber of any size you desire.

Pay attention to a timber supplier’s reputation. When selecting a timber supplier, you should go for the one with a positive image. Ask family members, colleagues, and friends if they can recommend a supplier they bought timber from or crossed paths with. If a supplier’s image is not wanting, it means they carefully decide where to source their timber so that they can access quality timber at all times. Such a supplier will deliver the precise timber client orders without delay.

Factor in access to supply. Each business that deals with timber know that there are valleys and peaks in the industry. However, most businesses do not understand that some suppliers have more access to supply than others. Whether it is access to logs, sawmill, relationships with providers, or existing kiln-dried inventories, access to timber isn’t consistent. When the supplier you choose has access to potential suppliers, you’ll benefit from having more product options to choose from without being concerned about supplies drying up all over a sudden.

Check creativity. Suppliers who enable their customers to overcome barriers are invaluable partners in the timber sector. Some suppliers design matchless solutions for customers. By understanding a client’s manufacturing process, the supplier can match suitable characteristics of timber to ensure they are more efficient, effective, and create better yields.

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