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Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling Your Home to a Real Estate Investment

Today, many have turned away from working with real estate agents when selling their homes. Real estate agents have been known to ensure the homes are repaired before being placed on sell. The truth is you might not be in a position for their fulfilling their terms. If you are in a similar position, working with a real estate investment company will be the safest way out. Below are advantages of selling your home to a real estate investor.

Investment companies never mind buying the home in its current state. Imagine being in a situation where you urgently need money or wan to relocate. It will be wise to sell your home. In such a situation, it would be illogical to pay for repairs and renovations on the home. You will need a buyer who does not mind the current condition of the home. Luckily, real estate investors have a preference for old fashioned houses. This is because they can freely make the changes that suit them.

Investors give the benefit of a quicker closing When you put your house for sale and contact an investor, in less than 24 hours, you will have received a cash offer. Once you agree with the investor on the terms of the sale, you are free to sell the property. Averagely, it will only take two weeks to close with an investor. If you were to go for a buyer who uses a mortgage, it would take at least two months. Investors will not need time to get approved for the mortgages. Investors make the process faster as you do not have to market the property.

You stand a lower chance of risk of non-closure due to lack of funds. Quite often, the clients brought to homeowners by real estate agents are those who need a mortgage. Here, you will be full of doubt. At the same time, if you get a buyer who has a loan preapproval, the lender might refuse to fund the purchase of the home. But, it would be safer to ask the investment company for a proof that they have the relevant funds. You can choose to ask for bank account statements or liquid assets. Regardless, it would help if you confirm that the amount surpasses the value of your home.

You will get to enjoy a simplified home selling process. Investors have no problem fixing any legal issues you might be having with the property. Furthermore, they will conduct all the paperwork and research. Lastly, there will be no chance of hidden costs.

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