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Home Insulation Audit List: The Top Places You Might Have Forgotten

An insulated house preserves so much energy and in the end saving homeowners a lot of money when it comes to utility bills. Unfortunately, many homeowners think of insulating their houses when winter is approaching however in reality, there is more to insulation rather than warming a house. With proper insulation, comfort is enhanced, noise pollution is reduced and the value of your property goes up. You might assume that your home is well insulated however there are some areas that you might have not covered. Here are some of the top places in your home that you may have forgotten.

Crawl spaces Crawl spaces are not in regular use, therefore, it can be easy to forget about them. It does not matter if your crawl spaces are vented or unvented, it is always a good idea to ensure that they are insulated. For the unvented crawl spaces, it is best if you insulate the walls surrounding it instead of the subfloor. This is efficient because it safeguards and eliminates the need to insulate the pipes and ducts separately.

Consider the basement. I’m sure you are confused about the need to insulate the basement. One of the straightforward answers to this is that insulating the basement improves the effectiveness of your home. An additional benefit would be that if the basement is insulated, it makes all the difference if you want to transform it into a living space.

The walls between living spaces. The temperature inside the room tends to fluctuate. If you want to lower the amount of energy needed to heat or cool living spaces, consider adding insulation to the walls between living spaces. The other good thing about insulation walls is that they minimize the amount of noise transmitted between rooms hence enhancing the privacy of the people inside the room.

The floors. It is hard to imagine that you also have to insulate the floors nevertheless, it is essential mainly for floors which are above unheated areas, for instance, the basement and the garage. You will be surprised at this significant difference brought about by a less heat loss on the overall effectiveness of your home. For your floors, you can consider batt insulation or blow-in insulation as it helps to preserve the hot and cool air coming from your air conditioning unit. Another benefit of insulating floors is that it reduces noise especially for houses that have more than one storey.

Cathedral ceiling. Households with cathedral ceilings have an amazing rustic feel. However, not so many homeowners remember to insulate the space between the ceiling and the home deck. If the cathedral ceiling is properly insulated, it allows the temperature of your home to be evenly distributed. Since these types of ceilings usually have separate air spaces, they are prone to moisture damage and you must ensure that they are vented.

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