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Steps to Designing a Challenge Coin

if you are looking to design a challenge coin, then this is the guide for you. Challenge coins are used to motivate workers in organizations. This is a crucial job. But, the organization will expect a perfect design from you. Read on to know how to create the best challenge coin.

First, it is best to consider the purpose of the challenge coin. Over the years, challenge coins have been known to have a rich and fascinating history. Furthermore, their value has never diminished. Creating your challenge coins will come in handy in keeping the heritage. While determining its end purpose, it is more advantageous to know who it will be given to. For example, a Commander’s coin is designed for military organizations and are worn by soldiers who have attained specific career goals. Challenge coins are also used in fundraising events. Having an idea of what the challenge coin will be used for is the first step to getting the perfect design.

It is also helpful to brainstorm ideas. When it comes to challenge coins, you have all the freedom to exercise your creativity. While thinking about the ideas to put in place, think of what you would like to include on your coin. For more ideas, it will help to examine other challenge coins. Once again, the Commander coin is the best option. It will be better if you do not leave any coin not examined. With such research, you will have the best opportunity to decide ideas that will benefit you and those that will not.

Since you have a glimpse of what you want; you are ready to develop a design.

You can start by sketching out your ideas. By sketching, you can understand how all your desired inclusions will be placed and how the layout will look like. The sketching can be done using a paper and pencil or on design software.

You will then proceed to customize the artwork. This is vital as it is the aspect that ensures the coin is personalized for the organization. You, therefore, need a design that is custom made to fit your organization. The Commander’s coin is specially made to suit the military department and not fundraising. The customization can include a logo, flower, or animal.

This is also the best time to know if you would like the coin colored. The fact that some coins such as the Commander’s coin have color does not mean you should follow the trend. It is possible to meet the end use while simplifying things. It is crucial to realize that the color of the coin will impact on the look and price of the coin.

You will also need to identify the right size and shape for the coin.

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